Invoicing, Fees and Payments Policy


Milky Way Pre-school offers fully funded places up to 15 hours per week for children that are 2-4 yrs old.  For children that do not come into this category, we charge the following fees:


We are operating 9am -4pm at this moment to meet our existing care requirements. We can be flexible and extend the caring hours should demand arises. Please talk to the Manager for any particular requirement for your child care need.

Main sessions:


Morning      (9:00am –12:00pm) ........................£15.00

Afternoon  (12-30pm –   3.30pm) ..................... £15.00

All day        (9am - 4.00pm)  £35.00 + (own pack lunch)

All week Mon-Fri  (9am -4pm)  £150.00 + (own Pack lunch)


We charge  £5.00/hour for any extra time your child in our care.


Special discounts available for working parents Split sessions and full day care available


15 hours free funding Available!!!!


We provide extensive FREE healthy snacks menu for both morning and afternoon sessions including Drinks and Milk.


Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of each half term period. We make every effort to ensure that our invoices are clear and correct, but if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to the Deputy/ or Manager.

We ask that payments are made by the first day of the week/half term or full term as agreed and that, if paying by cheque; these are made out to “Manchester Early Learning Centre Ltd. Please hand payments to the Pre-school Manager.


You are very welcome to discuss alternative methods of payment – please speak to the Manager.


Unpaid invoices will incur a weekly charge of 2% interest and also Legal charge may be applied to recover any outstanding fees.( please see parental contract, also Admission policy & Attendance Guidance in the “Hand Book.”)


A full standard terms and conditions of a child care contract between you and Milky Way is available to you in the parent’s information wallet. We will make every effort to explain the details of free entitlement funding including the administration processes (e.g. PCF) each term to ensure that the contract and addendum is explained to you including condition to the contract.

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